Matthew Wesley has a head bursting with melodies, all begging to be brought to life. Born into a musical family, Wesley cut his teeth on the keys prior to pre-k. While his teen years found him strumming acoustic guitars and singer-songwriter ballads, (evidenced by his debut album, Mountains from Meteorites ) he has since circled back to the piano-driven pop rock that so influences him.

His sophomore effort, Circus Lights and the Summer So Far, is a jubilee of sawing strings, thought-provoking lyrics, and a pounding piano that coalesce into a richly layered soundscape.


Wesley’s latest project lends a reminiscent spirit that only youthful summers can provide. That perpetual state of broken-hearted bliss where you straddle at the cusp of wanting something, while in full knowledge of its inevitable end. Circus Lights and the Summer So Far plays nicely as an allegory to Wesley’s musicianship – ‘The Circus Lights’ with all their whimsy, magic and mystery; and ‘The Summer So Far’… just a peek into the season of his musical journey.

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Current Standings:
Top 5 Most Added Radio Single for 3 Weeks; “Real” !
#19 National Radio Chart for Matthew Wesley’s “Real” !
2nd Single “Summer So Far” Tied for # 3 Most Added Radio Single !
Matthew Wesley In TOP 40 for 2 Months ! In TOP 20 for 2 Weeks !